Twitter Plugins To Help You Promote Your WordPress Blogs

Many bloggers are seen using twitter frequently. Twitter is not only about socializing but can also be used to market individual blogs, products and services. Being present on this social platform allows one to get more number of followers and reap benefits.

Promoting your blogs through tweets will surely get you more visitors. If you regularly update your posts on the twitter manually, then it consumes a lot of your time. In order to minimize the workload and utilize twitter and WordPress to the optimum, use twitter’s plug-in for WordPress.

There are many more Plugins which will ease your work and promote your services, products. Few are listed below:

1. Twitterup: This automatically updates twitter with your recent blog posts. It also provides a service for shortening a URL to post all your articles. It relieves you from having to type in the lengthy websites in the address bar.

2. Tweetly updater: This plug-in exclusive for WordPress automatically shoots tweets to all your followers on twitter. The tweets include your latest edited blog posts or any new posts with its links. This plug-in utilizes facilities to cut short a lengthy URL.

3. Twitthis button: A new twitter button is added in your blog posts and RSS feeds. When a twitter user clicks on them, a tweet is sent out to his followers about your post.

4. Tweetscribe: It allows for subscription similar to subscribing to blogs. Tweeters can subscribe through tweetscribe to an individual’s blog posts and notifications will automatically be sent to them regarding new blog posts by twitter.

5. Twitter friends widget: This widget will display a list of flowers and friends on the sidebar of your blog. It is similar to blogger followers and Google connect.

Individuals have seen an increase in the number of followers and traffic for their blogs after updating their twitter accounts. This is an add-on to a blogger and helps one in developing a good social network through twitter.


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