Interpid Ibex 8.10 is the codename of the latest version of Ubuntu Linux developed by Canonical. In the open source community Ubuntu is a huge succes, now with the ‘New ubuntu’, which is far ahead than its previous versions with better, latest and greatest cutting edge innovation ever offered by the open source world, the success got just better.

Ubuntu Interpid Ibex 8.10

Better hardware compatibility, maor bug fixes, spped boosters are some of Ubuntu 8.10’s features. Other added features are :

1>  Linux Kernel 2.6.27
2>  GNOME 2.24
3>  Nautilus – Tabbed file browsing and Eject Icons for removable devices.
4>  File Roller – Now supports ALZ, RZIP, CAB, TAR.7Z file types also.
5>  Encrypted Private Directory – Although not default, the package has been promoted to the main repository.
6>  Guest Session.
7>  Totem BBC Plugin etc.

A lot more is added in the download. You also get a dark brown color scheme, Firefox 3 pre-installed, Open office, wine are stuffed in as well. And Live CD is one of my favorites. Tons of goodies waiting for you at Ubuntu.

Go get the CD image here or Order the CD for free at Ubuntu ShipIt!.


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