Uninstall And Removal Script Of Timernuke For Windows 7 And Windows Server 2008

TimerNuke application cannot be considered as a pretty good activation crack for Windows 7 Server 2008. Actually it is not an activation crack for Windows 7 and server 2008. TimerNuke is an application which just removes system files which are associated with Activation of Windows.

It disables all the services which are integrated with activation of Windows product. Using this application, there is no need of activation of the Windows operating system. However, windows itself may detect the product version as a counterfeit. A watermark saying “this copy of Windows is not genuine” and a notification message would be displayed all the time.

On the other hand, if you want to uninstall and remove TimerNuke crack permanently, you can make use of the TimerNuke uninstallation script which is also known as Windows 7 & 2008 Activation Enabler.

Use the following link Here to download the zip file named as UninstallTimerNuke.

First of all, extract the file and just run the UninstallTimerNuke.cmd. All the removed files are then restored and stopped services We’ll be enabled again.

Note: The uninstallation process of TimerNuke will be started if and only if only if the backup files created in .bak format are present in the system. If you have already deleted the backup files which are created by the TimerNuke, you cannot start the un-installation process at all. The TimerNuke Uninstaller is able to support only Windows 7 and Server 2008.

Tips: The downloaded uninstall script also has a capacity to restore and reset all the activation components. This application may also be known as Windows 7 ‘activation crack’, Windows 7 ‘activator’, All Versions PlusPatcher, PlusPatch and some other names, which are based on the working TimerNuke.


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