Tool For Uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 Suite By Complete Registry Removal

Many times you might have faced a problem while uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 Suite from your PC using Uninstall Program or Add & Remove Program options from the Control Panel. Windows shows error messages saying setup has failed and it is in a process of rolling back changes. There might be various different reasons behind this un-installation issue.

The reasons may include invalid or corrupt components, leftovers from trial or pre-release version of MS Office 2007, invalid or illogical registry values left after an attempt of hacking MS office 2007 full version or installation of various editions of MS Office numerous times.

If your attempt of automatically uninstalling MS Office 2007 Suite fails due to any of the above mentioned reasons, you might try uninstalling MS Office 2007 manually. However, the procedure of manually uninstalling MS Office 2007 is quite lengthy and time consuming.


If you want to quickly delete all the registry values, keys and entries related to MS Office 2007, you may use “Microsoft Office 2007 Registry Complete Removal Tool”. This tool deletes or removes all the MS Office 2007 related registry values, keys and entries from your system registry and restores it to the original state (the state before MS Office was installed).

You may also use this tool as an additional utility for completing the un-installation procedure of MS Office 2007 Suite, before you delete the installation folders and files of MS Office 2007.

You need to note that this tool deletes numerous registry keys which might affect your system stability if you do not reinstall MS Office 2007. Therefore, you have to use this tool only if you want to reinstall MS Office 2007 as reinstallation is not possible until and unless Office 2007 is properly uninstalled from your system.

You may download this tool by downloading the file “” from Here.  Unzip the contents of the file to a folder. Run the file “Uninstall.exe” and click on the button “Uninstall” to uninstall MS Office 2007 Suite by complete registry removal. Before you start, remember to take a backup of your system registry by accessing the Registry Editor.


  1. Most tools such as this are flagged up as viruses, checking by MD5 is the best way of ensuring safety. I have used this tool on many occasions. I am a mobile Computer Engineer

  2. Retards keep posting viruses as if no one is going to find out it is a virus. This isn’t 1995 anymore a$$wipe

  3. This tool can be useful for technicians to uninstall Office.
    Broke something & you should reinstall totally Office only,
    it is better than to format the computer.

    I found a valuable link here with no virus:
    (this Link was valuable the 9th April 2011)


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