Simple Tips For Disabling Blinking Style Text Decoration In Mozilla Firefox

The text-decoration feature is nothing but an effect on text like an underline, line through, no underline, overline and blink. A few browsers support the aspect of text-decoration. The blink type of text-decoration makes the text embedded inside the text-decoration style “blink”.

The blinking rate is browser-specific. In Firefox, the text keeps alternating between visible and invisible modes every second. For almost three forth of a second it will be visible and invisible for almost 15 milliseconds every second. Bloggers and Webmaster often choose to make their web pages attractive by using blink style text.

However, as a visitor if you do not like the blinking text on your Firefox browser, you may as well disable the blinking text decoration style. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to disable the blink style text-decoration element.

  1. Within the Location Bar in Mozilla Firefox, type “about:config”.
  2. Check for the preference name “browser.blink_allowed”. (you may do a quick search by typing the name in the filter)
  3. Now double-click on “browser.blink_allowed” and alter its Boolean value to “False” (the value is originally “True”).
  4. Finally the web page needs to be refreshed.

Once you refresh the page, you will notice that the text becomes static and does not blink anymore.


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