Unique And Simpler Technique To Render Your PC Speed!

PC Booster is a freeware, used to fulfill Computer needs, and it makes them faster and stable for better performance. It avoids .dll errors that are frequent either while downloading or executing the program applications.

Installation and configuration of PC Booster is quite simpler. It secures the PC by acting as a system-guard and helps the computer in increasing the speed and it stabilizes the performance quite significantly. You’ll feel that your system has been reborn again.

Tasks Performed by PC Booster on Computer are:

  • This PC Booster’s minimises the consumption of booting time and avoiding computers from hanging.
  • It keeps a routine check on computer for any registry-conflicts, or unnecessary files and deletes them.
  • Along with this it also keeps a check on many other issues on computers and optimizes it.
  • It demonstrates a graphical view of a PC’s Performance before and after usage of PC Booster
  •  It also provides maximum efficiency to your R.A.M (Random-Access-Memory), ensuing quicker admission to any Installed program.


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