Unlink Google Analytics And Google AdSense Accounts

Google presents two interesting applications namely Google Analytics and Google AdSense. It has started rolling out these two applications so as to enable Analytics to obtain statistical data from AdSense. The integration basically lets AdSense publishers to get in-depth details on ad performance which include geographies, traffic sources etc.

The statistical reports related to Google AdSense help bloggers and webmasters in improving ad performance and offering an improvised browsing experience to the visitors. Moreover, bloggers and webmasters are able to grow and increase their revenue by making the necessary changes depending on the behavior of the visitor and the potential earnings.

However, you can link a Google AdSense account to only a single Google Analytics account. So, if you have “n” number of Google AdSense accounts, you will have to create “n” number of Google Analytics accounts to link them.

Also, the AdSense login has to be listed on Analytics account as an Administrator which means that you can only integrate or link Google Analytics and AdSense accounts having the same email ID or username.  

If you happen to link a wrong Analytics account with a wrong website profile, the link becomes practically useless as the AdSense data which is sent to the analytics account will not be proper. To resolve this issue, you need to create a fresh website profile within the linked Analytics account so as to assemble the traffic data related to AdSense domain.

Alternatively, you may also try to unlink a Google AdSense account from a Google Analytics account. To remove the integration or link between the AdSense account and Analytics account, the administrator needs to contact AdSense Support team by filling Support Contact Form on Google AdSense requesting them to unlink or remove the integration.


Within the Support Contact Form, under Google Analytics tree, you will find an option for informing AdSense Support team that you are having a problem in linking/ unlinking your Analytics and AdSense accounts. You simply need to click on the radio button corresponding to this option.

If you have linked more than one Google Analytics profiles to the AdSense account, it is possible to unlink the non-primary profiles. You need to remove AdSense Analytics Code which you have included in the webpage’s HTML.

You may also stop the AdSense reporting in the Analytics account by simply disabling AdSense reporting in each of the profiles. You need to edit the settings for AdSense linking by clicking on the appropriate link which is present above your profile list.


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