Upgrading Iphone Operating System Firmware To Version 3.0

IPhone operating system software 3.0 has slammed the market. It was one of the most awaited software, which is the latest version of the Appleā€™s iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and also the iPod touch series. This new version is worth upgrading since it contains many new enhancements and a lot of new goodies.

The list of enhancements added contains features like support for Multimedia Messaging service, also facility for editing like cut, paste, copy etc. iPhone 3G is available factory installed with this new operating system but the users of the older generation of iPhones need not feel disheartened.

The previous versions of iPhone operating system like OS 2.2 and 2.2.1 can be easily upgraded to OS 3.0 by following just a few simple steps.

  • Before you do so, make sure that you have iTunes 8.2 installed on your computer, without which it is not possible to upgrade your iPhone.
  • Simply connect your mobile device to the computer and run iTunes 8.2 in your PC.
  • After this just go to the option Devices and select the option iPhone under it. You will find this option in the left pane in the Source List.
  • Update to the latest operating system by check marking the option Update which is given under iPhone Summary tab.
  • Now choose the Download and Install option. You must not disconnect your mobile device from computer until the update is finished.

After the completion of previous step, the iPhone 3G or iPhone will run the firmware operating system 3.0. Upgrading to the latest OS 3.0 is free for the users of iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G, but the users of iPod touch need to pay a small amount of $10 for upgrading it. However, there is an alternative hack option also available.



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