Are you a Facebook addict ? If you are, then I have two awesome tools, that will help you speed up the process of uploading and downloading images, pictures, as a matter of fact complete albums from Facebook, in one click !

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To Upload bulk images, pictures to albums in Facebook :

Upload Download Bulk Images Pictures Albums Facebook

1> Download Windows live gallery and install it.
2> Install a small plugin – “LiveUpload to Facebook”. This is one of the brilliant addons to Windows Live Gallery.
3> Once you have both, “Windows Live Gallery” and “LiveUpload to Facebook”, download and installed, open WLG, select the picture/s you want to upload and click on ‘Publish’ on the menu bar and select ‘LiveUpload to Facebook’. The selected images will be uploaded to your facebook account.

[ Download Windows Live Gallery ]

[ Download ‘LiveUpload to Facebook’ ]

To download bulk images, pictures from albums in facebook :

Upload Download Bulk Images Pictures Albums Facebook

1> You need to download and install FacePad, a Firefox extension. If you do not have Firefox, I recommend you download and install it right away. It’s just another, but a much better browser freely available.

2> Once you’ve installed FacePad, open the album you want to download the images from.

3> Right click and click on the option ‘Download Album with FacePAD’

4> And FacePAD will do the rest of the work, while you can go ahead and browse other sites.

[ Download Firefox ]

[ Download FacePAD ]


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