With mobile taking over your laptops you can pretty much do everything on a cell phone / smart phone / PDA that you can do on  laptop. Audio and video streaming on cell phones is one of the hottest niche that’s seeing a lot of development off late.

Avot Media, the free online software is known to allow mobile devices equipped with Windows to search and upload videos. This software searches video files from the most popular sites like You Tube, Google, Dailymotion et al. By users, this software is tagged as a premiere video delivery agent to the browser enabled mobile phones. With this application, you can easily search, play and personalize your favorite videos from internet on your cell phone.

This software is supported by more than 70 different smart phones and PDA’s. With this application users do not need to convert videos into any format to view them in your mobile. Streams of videos can get directly fed into your mobile which can be further viewed in high video and audio quality. You can ensure a number of video downloads in your cell phone only if your cell phone has a 3G network or some other network with a larger higher bandwidth.

Once you download and install the software on your cell phone and you’ll be introduced with the most high ranked videos in terms of popularity. The software also gives you the option of finding your own videos and makes a playlist of some of your most loved videos. With this play list you can easily access your videos while you’re traveling to a distant place or just hitting your office.

Avot Media works with mobile phones loaded with 3G, EV-DO networks, Wi-Fi and Edge. This software can be accessed in smart phone mobile devices, Windows Mobile 5.0, pocket PC and other devices supported by Linux or Symbian.

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