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A sea of changes were introduced by UPSC in Civil Services Examination (CSE) in 2011, in the form of Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

CSAT was beneficial for ‘city bred’ urban candidates, where as most of Tier 2 / Tier 3 city students were at a huge disadvantage – statistics say so. True is the case for students from Humanities background – again statistics say so.

CSAT marks were included while calculating the cut-off between 2012 – 2014 and from 2015 CSAT was made qualifying. You need to get 1/3rd in Paper 2 (CSAT) to qualify and a candidates Paper 1 score only will be considered to check if a candidate has qualified for Civil Services Mains.

This is a welcome move, however, what about all those candidates who lost an opportunity between 2012 – 2014, because CSAT’s marks were included in cut-off ? (I personally know, atleast 3 candidates who scored 170+ in paper two and got less than 60 – 70 in paper 1 and have cleared prelims).

There’s a new movement now, to get justice for candidates who lost an opportunity between 2012-2014 because of CSAT.

If you ask me, it’s a fair demand – One or at the max Two extra attempts, and consequential age relaxation, for candidates who’ve appeared for exams between 2012-2014.

If you too feel they deserve another chance, please sign the petition here :

18th July Update from CSE Justice Team :

“Today we went to meet ravish Kumar, NDTV. We were waiting for our one friend near bus stop outside his office when one of us- apoorv noticed ravish Kumar coming out of his car and talking to his camera team. When he was entering into the building Aashish approached him and started telling about our issue.

Actually we had tried to approach him yesterday also but he told us to WhatsApp the matter to him but we thought it is better to personally explain the issue to him.

Today he was slightly disturbed. He told us our reality. He said you are only three people who want attempt. We said affected students are in lakhs. He said then where are they? He can’t cover or study an issue in which only 3 students are involved.

Aashish, hats off to him, handled the situation very well. He explained to him that it is not possible for everyone to come to Delhi. Sir you himself covered the news when ikhlakh was lynched, he was also the single person. He said bring 20,000 outside my office I will cover your issue, Aashish replied sir if that would be the case then why would we approach you…….. Aashish said sir please take our petition and other documents, if you think our issue is not genuine then through them into the dustbin…

Ultimately he took our documents, talked or perhaps debated with us for 15 minutes when initially he was saying he will not even give 2 minutes :), a small crowd gathered around us, ravish sir was literally scolding us, he seemed to be very angry over some other issue but later we realized he was testing us,,,,,,, we came out of the building and were moving when we noticed someone was saying ‘ are phone number to de do’ we turned back and the person was ravish ji himself, salute to his simplicity.

He also told us very genuine thing- if someone had taken my job then I would have burned the government, how is it possible that lakhs of students are affected but not even a fraction of them coming to the ground 🙁

24 ko kuch achha karo tab tumhara issue uthaunga.

Besides we have met two more MPs today. Tomorrow is also a very busy day.

We will update you ASAP. You please take rest in your homes and play WhatsApp/Facebook.

24th of July is our deadline. We have no regrets. When have at least tried.

All the best.”


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