Use aMSN Portable To Chat With Friends Anytime Anywhere

Nowadays, Live Messenger service in Windows, which is also called MSN Messenger or simply MSN is gaining more and more popularity, as one of the main communication tool, especially amongst youngsters. There are lots of people who are addicted to this communication medium, MSN. They feel uncomfortable without frequently login on to their MSN. However now, you could treat this MSN sickness with the help of MSN web messenger service.

There is a facility with which could use MSN web messenger while you are travelling somewhere and have forgotten to carry your laptop with you. On the other hand, it will be better to make use of portable MSN app called aMSN Portable, as a practical solution to stay tuned with your MSN group.



aMSN Portable comes with a package of various important features including MSN basic functions. With these feature you could video chat, text chat, add emoticons, display image, file transfer, do offline messaging, conferencing, see chat logs, etc. There is no need to install this app on to the computer and it could run with the help of portable devices such as a pen drive, portable hard disk and etc.

It is very handy application that could be easily carried and plugged in to any computer. With this app, you could enjoy chatting with your friends on Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger anytime-anywhere. Just use the following link Here to download this portable tool of instant messenger. When you double click on the downloaded file, it will create a folder namely “aMSNPortable” in your designated path. Simply double click the executable file present in this aMSNPortable folder to start your chatting session on MSN.


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