Use BatteryBar To Monitor Your Laptop’s Battery

If you use a laptop and wish to keep a watch on its battery status to avoid any kind of inconvenience, BatteryBar is all that you need. BatteryBar is an easy-to-use battery meter which constantly monitors your laptop’s battery and displays its status in the taskbar. It also maintains historical information on batteries and estimates the amount of time left on the battery.

BatteryBar will display a percentage bar in yellow, red or green color for indicating the battery power left as well as the amount of time for which the better will last. While you charge your laptop, BatteryBar will also show you the amount of time required to fully charge the battery.

The percentage bar will be displayed in blue color whilst the battery is charging which will eventually change to black when the battery charging is completed.

BatteryBar also possesses some other features as follows:

  1. Automatic Update – It checks for any new versions and downloads them automatically.
  2. Translations – It partially or fully supports 13 different languages. BatteryBar is open for translation to additional languages if anyone volunteers to do so.
  3. Vista Style – BatteryBar inherits the look and feel similar to that of taskbar buttons in Vista.

You may easily download BatteryBar free of charge from the internet.



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