Use CloneSpy To Identify And Remove Redundant Files From Your System

Many times we download photos, games, files, videos and movies from the internet during which we tend to download a number of redundant files without actually realizing it. There might be files having different names but same content, files having identical names but different content (which happens if you download multiple versions) etc.

This could be an important reason why your disk space gets full even though you have not fully utilized it. Checking for redundant files manually and deleting them one by one is not feasible as it is a time consuming process. However, you can find out redundant files instantly using CloneSpy, a tiny yet useful utility that detects and removes duplicate files from your system.

CloneSpy enables you to spot the redundant files with searching criteria of your preference. Once you identify the redundant files, you can easily delete the unnecessary ones in order to free up disk space so that it can be used to store some other important and valuable data.

According to your situation, you can choose among different searching criteria offered by CloneSpy. The criteria include searching for duplicate contents in files regardless to file name, searching for files having identical file names but different file contents and files with identical file name and almost similar file size.


CloneSpy allows you to search for redundant files from a single path or two different paths. It possesses another great feature that helps you create checksum files so that it can be later compared with folders in local hard disk or removable media storage in order to check for redundant files.  Checksum files generally contain a files list that you wish to check for any redundancy in future.

Once CloneSpy detects the duplicate files, you can opt to remove/delete the duplicate files automatically, choose to get a pop-up window for informing you about the duplicate files or else generate a report for future use. You may download CloneSpy v2.4 free of charge. This useful tool works well with Windows ME, Windows 98se, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Vista and XP.


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