Use Connectbuddy Stay Connected With The Internet With No Interruption Due To Inactivity

When you work with some tasks on your computer which do not requires an Internet connection, then this time span is called as period of inactivity. Most of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) disconnects your net connections when you stay in this period of inactivity for a long duration.

In this period of inactivity, any type of data transfer doesn’t occur and your internet connection becomes idle. When the ISP server notices this, they automatically disconnect your PC’s connectivity with the internet. However, when you come to use the internet connection again, you’ll notice this disconnected status, and this situation can be very annoying too. 

To avoid such hassles, you should make use of a freeware namely ConnectBuddy. This freeware utility helps you to stay connected, still after an inactivity period. The “ConnectBuddy” is pretty useful software program which simulates the Internet activity and avoid disconnection of internet connection from ISP.

There are few ISPs which disconnect you when you stay away from your computer for just few minutes or take a little more time to read a Web Page. Even some ISP accounts with access to unlimited internet connection also get disconnected when they stay in period of inactivity.

After installing the ConnectBuddy, you will see a small icon of this software in the system tray. It helps you to remain online by retrieving the data periodically over your internet connection. It also makes small mouse movements in particular intervals of time of your preference.

Anyone can use this program very easily without any special configuration or technical knowledge. The program starts automatically when your computer is restarted. ConnectBuddy is extremely useful program with which you can read the web pages for longer time and also leave your computer in idle mode for longer periods. It supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 along with Windows XP operation systems.


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