Use CopyPasteTool To Paste More Text At Once

Most of us make use of CTRL + C and CTRL + V keyboard shortcuts on Windows OS to copy and paste the content. The selected item is copied and stored in the clipboard by pressing CTRL + C keys.

This copied content is then pasted when you press CTRL + V keys. Windows has the ability to store recently copied content in the clipboard. However, by pressing CTRL + C for the second time, Windows overwrites this content replacing the previous one. Thus, we could not get the previous copied content.

Now, by using a special tool named CopyPasteTool, you could copy and store the contents in the clipboard. You could save contents up to 11 times and paste all of them any number of times. CopyPasteTool is a very simple and useful freeware utility and it comes without any GUI. All you have to do is just execute the file once. When you execute this program for the first time, a small icon will be placed in system tray. This allows you to save some more values, up to 11 times when you opt to use the pasting function.


As usual, you could use CTRL + C and CTRL + V buttons to copy and paste the content. You have to press V couple of times to paste the previously copied text. When you press V the first time holding the CTRL key, the most recent copied content will be pasted and consequently second time, it will paste the second most recent value and so on. This useful software is absolutely free to download. Surely, you will enjoy in executing the copy and paste functions with this tool rather than Windows default function. Use the following link Here to download this tool.


  1. dear sir
    IN copypastetool i have data in excel on 1 row have a 12 column data and change one by one row data this will end 6000 row data and i want to past on website that also have a 12 column past on it 1 by 1
    this software copy only one row but not change 2,3,4,5,…..6000 row data copy to past it
    my no is +91-9917999279 from india


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