Use Diskeeper HyperBoot To Speed Up Pc’s Startup, Boot And Shutdown Process

If your system takes a lot of time to boot, here is an interesting solution to this issue. Diskeeper has come up with HyperBoot which is useful software that speeds up your PC’s booting process by decreasing the startup time. Once you start using Diskeeper HyperBoot, your PC’s start up time will be reduced by 54% thereby increasing your system’s performance by 118%.

Diskeeper HyperBoot delivers amazing results which has been actually proven by a live lab test where the standard system did boot only 11 times versus the 24 boots with Hyperboot. This software offers faster boot, start up and shutdown time.

Diskeeper HyperBoot basically reorganizes Windows Boot data in order to allow easy access to all the necessary information required during the boot period. This is why the time taken for execution is less as compared to a standard system. HyperBoot speeds up the shutdown process of your system by remapping the necessary data.

Diskeeper has collaborated with Asus for developing an innovative “Instant On” technology with an intention that users do not have to wait patiently during system boot, startup or shutdown period. Currently, you can use Diskeeper HyperBoot with Windows 7 and XP Operating Systems.


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