Use Embed Document to Easy Viewing Via DocShots

Inserting the documents and articles into websites to share with visitors is a kind of frequent job for web developers or bloggers. Commonly, most of the website owners are going to attach a document on their site and let viewers to view it with different widget such as a flash-based widget. Sometime website owners appeal visitors to download the file for reading.

Obviously it all depends on individual’s presentation style and requests. Still if you do not have much time and experience with the programming, flash widgets, or if you do not want users to download the file, you can surely try another practical solution which has been provided by DocShots.

With this service users will be able to generate a library of documents, of which users can embed in the page. Visitors would just require hovering over a text link and they will be prompted with a tiny window displaying the short index or the contents of the document, to read this document.

Apture or HHOTT View offers almost alike features to DocShots. The concept of DocShots is not entirely a new one, but DocShots has prepared things much easier interface, especially for non tech-savvy users. Additionally, this service supports more formats such as doc, pdf, ppt, xls, etc which can be posted.

It allows users to modify the size of the pop-up windows. Services like DocShots will be used by writers to post explanation notes, product descriptions in their presentations, or lawyers can use it to embed court cases on their web sites. It is quite useful for many different types of business presentations.

Registered users will be specified a snippet of JavaScript to be included on their web sites. As DocShots is now in Beta version it is free to use. Once you have added the code, the DocShots will identify your site and permits you to login to DocShots account, and then you can start uploading documents.


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