Use Everything In Your System To Search For Anything

Every personal computers or laptop have their built-in search system which is quite effective and efficient when we need to search for anything. The only problem with this is that it becomes very frustrating and hectic when it takes too much time to search for any data or files or folders.

Google desktop search or Windows Search version 4.0 are the other options which are generally preferred and opted by the users for efficient search results. They are sophisticated software which gives a great result when the search ends, and because of that it eats up some space from your hard disk space.

If your system or machine is not up to date, or if you have constraints on disk space, then Everything is the perfect option for you. It works same as any other third party search tool, but it will neither take your disk space and neither will it slow down your machine.



It is small and light software, which is available for free. It works as powerful as any other software. Though it takes 1 MB disk space and 5 MB RAM, which to say is almost negligible, but more importantly it works with high unbelievable speed.

For NTFS drives, it takes ten lakh files per minute or twenty files per second to index the files. It supports Boolean operations like AND or OR. The user interface is pretty friendly and too easy to handle it and use it. It works on Windows 2000/NT, 2003, vista, XP and Windows 7.


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