Use Expired Cookies Cleaner to Remove Expired And Unused Cookies

Actually, the term Cookie is referred to the message that is sent by the web server through the web browser. This massage is saved in the computer in a text format, and when you reference the page next time, it will be sent back to the web server. The main helpful part of cookies is to recognize the users, with which a web server could easily be prepared for customized web pages.

As the most general thing, cookie stores information about the user ID. Thus, when you again visit the same webpage, cookie containing your user id gets delivered to the web server. This helps you to auto login to page next time, and you can see the welcome page having you name on it. More browsing of the web will result in more storage of cookies in your computer.

Each and every cookie has its own lifetime, which varies from seconds to years. One common problem about the IE is that it does not remove the expired cookies. As a result, your hard disk will be filled with hundreds or sometime thousands of unnecessary cookie files. Now, you can use a very helpful tool namely Expired Cookies Cleaner to remove such unwanted cookies.

You could only remove expired cookies instead of deleting the entire cookie file. Expired Cookies Cleaner is pretty handy tool with which you can find out all the unused and expired cookies, and you can clean up such the unused and expired cookies within just a couple of seconds.

All the cookies are saved in multiple files in computer, and there could be one file having multiple cookies. Actually, there may be some of the cookies in the file which might still not have expired. So, to only remove all expired and unused cookies, Expired Cookies Cleaner utility can serve the best as its identifies all the unused and expired cookies in the file, and only removes those unwanted cookies inside the file.



On the other hand, if it finds out that all the cookies in the file have expired, then it will remove the entire file instead. Using this great feature, you could keep your active cookies safely and you can carry on taking the benefits from the cookies. The advantage of this tool is that you can enjoy keeping the cookies while clearing some space in your hard disk, to enhance the speed and performance of your computer.

If you are using IE, then you might need this tool to remove unwanted cookies, and to get the optimized performance from computer. The tool Expired Cookies Cleaner v1.02 is now available and you can download it absolutely free. It operates nicely with Windows 9X, NT, Me, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.


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