Use Fbackup To Automatically Backup Important Files

Nowadays, it is very important for us to perform the backup process of important files, and we can carry out this process either automatically or manually. Saving the backup of any file is a vital activity, because when your system gets infected by virus or corrupted, backup is one and only one way to restore back the essential files.

A software utility named as “Fbackup” is suitable for commercial and personal use. The Fbackup software is provided with two option feature with which you can backup your files manually or you can set up the backup process to run automatically. You can set the scheduled files to backup automatically and save it to any place such as LAN location or USB device. The backup files produced may be in compressed an exact copy format of the previous files.

Fbackup has user friendly wizard which has simple interface with which you can carry out the backup process very easily.

Following are the main features regarding to the Fbackup:

  • You can backup files automatically via scheduling option
  • Provides accurate copies of files
  • Backup by means of standard zip compression
  • The software is easy to use
  • You can download updates very easily
  • Saves to multiple destinations
  • Download free of cost


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