Use File Verifier++ To Check File Integrity By Comparing Hash Values

Normally it is observed that hackers tend to change or modify some main files. Because of the modifications in the file they can access your system very easily. Therefore, you should check some selected files periodically to confirm whether the hash of some files is changed or not. This should be done to ensure your system protection.

A standalone, free software application named as File Verifier++ can be well utilized to test and confirm the integrity of preferred system files. The program calculates the hash values of the selected files. After the calculation the software reports that if the newest value has been modified or changed as compared to the previous values.

Another good feature is that, the File Verifier++ software program supports 21 different hash algorithms e.g. CRC32, CRC16, MPEG2 CRC, BZIP2 CRC, JamCRC, ADLER32, Posix CRC, EDONKEY2K, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD-320, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-160, RIPEM D-128, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-224, SHA-512, SHA-384, WHIRLPOOL-T and WHIRLPOOL.

You can operate this software from CD or USB pen drive. You just have to do the selection of the files to calculate the hash values. The selected files are automatically saved in the database. You can view or load and save the calculation result whenever you want. Following are some more important features of this software:

  • Capable of loading files from any format and saves to various formats
  • Addition of hash algorithms through the DLL interface
  • Verification of hash values. It is able to load the hash results and compare to what is essentially onto disk
  • Validity states are Color coded
  • Verification reflects on file attributes, file size and the date of modification
  • Supports drag and drop activity
  • The directory processing is recursive
  • Recursive processing using patterns
  • Able to determine number of hashes on strings
  • Verification is selective
  • Unicode support (It identifies the Unicode file names furthermore write the calculation results that are encoded in UTF-8)
  • Supports the Shell extension
  • It can be successfully installed with or without installer
  • Command line version.


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