Use Firefox Add-Ons To Download Music And Video Files At Fast Speed

There are bunch of video sharing websites from where users can get their favorite and relevant videos or music files either for work or leisure. Some of them are YouTube, Metacafe,, Google Videos, Myspace, Dailymotion, etc. whatever are your purposes, these websites will give you plethora of videos and music files to download.

Usually the savvy kind of users who belongs to non-tech background encounter problems while downloading videos or music files from the video sharing sites. Probably they assume that this is quite cumbersome process and demands proper knowledge of IT. If you think that and find yourself in trouble while downloading videos, then there are many Firefox Add-ons available as helping hands.

As we know Firefox web browser is one of the most popular browser and being used by many users. So you just need to download and install particular Firefox Add-ons that will help you in downloading videos and music files from video sharing sites. One of the Firefox Add-ons is Download Helper, which enables you to download video files and music files from video sharing sites easily. Once you installed this add-on in your Firefox browser, you will see an icon in the toolbar.


The only thing you need to do is just browse through any video sharing sites and select the video that you want to download. Now you just tap on the icon of Download Helper at toolbar and this add-on will detect video and start downloading automatically. Once the video will be downloaded successfully, you can thence click on the video to watch it. Besides this, you can also convert the video to your preferred formats with the help of this add-on.

So if you want any particular video, then download it from here. There are several other Firefox add-ons available that provides similar functions to users such as NetvideoHunter. It is meant to be used in downloading videos and music files from video sharing sites. It works on the same mechanism of Download Helper.


Once you download NetvideoHunter in your Firefox browser, you will get blue button at the Firefox toolbar. When you open any video sharing website then click on the icon of NetvideoHunter and it starts downloading video automatically by opening next tab from the downloading link of the video file.

Both of these Firefox add-ons support almost every video sharing websites. You can download NetvideoHunter from here.


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