Want To Capture Snapshot From Screen In Simpler Ways? Use Foxarc

Greenshot and lightscren are some of the tools which capture snapshots of the screen, and they claim to be useful, but they don’t really seem to satisfy your needs completely. Now if you aren’t truly satisfied with those kinds of tools, then you can use an alternative way called FoxArc which is the best among any other capturing tools.



This tool is based on just four buttons. With the help of just these four buttons, the capturing mode is decided. You can capture the desktop screen or windows by opting for “get desktop” or “get windows” respectively. You can even capture a particular region using “get region” option. You can save the picture after you have captured it in your ways.

It supports png, tiff, pcx, bmp, jpg and many more formats like that. The most compatible operating system for this tool is Windows XP, Vista and 2000. Download Here


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