Google Launches Google Desktop Client to Fulfil Email Needs

These days, there are few people who work on desktop due to the advanced technology that is available. As we all know that we can use internet to check our mails, and browse through WebPages from the mobile, and so we don’t much care about desktops.

To make things simpler, sophisticated, efficient and for creating more positive effect, Google brings on a great opportunity to handle your emails through Google desktop clients.

No matter how advance technologies are and will be, we always need a little extra than that. It’s like if we get nice bed to sleep on, then we need breakfast on bed, and then something more. We are never satisfied, and similarly Google keeps making things a little easier and way better all the time. Google brings out the best features of the mailbox and makes the work easier for us.

There are many operating systems on which Google desktop runs efficiently, but to give it a little extra touch use XP, it is the operating system that best suits for Google desktop.

The pros and cons of Google desktop

Advantages of Google Desktop Client

Starting with the advantages, I must mention that this new gadget works as it have been mentioned and is quite handy and useful. One of the main advantages that have not been mentioned is that the user can actually unread all your mail accounts by clicking the right mouse button on the widget to collapse.

Now if you handle more the one or two accounts, and then this might get a little handy because it saves a lot more space in desktop or side bar. Now if you want to expand it again just double click on collapsed widget and the work is done. Literally, wow!

Disadvantages of Google Desktop Client

Now so as to mention the limitation, there can be only one concern about space. If space really matters to you, then it is not for you, as it will take 40MB space for running 3 gadgets. It’s better to opt for Gmail Notifier Tray or Mozilla Firefox.


Now if you have not tried this new Google gadget even once, then I would like to suggest you to try it, just for once and check if at all it gels with you or not. If you think it doesn’t suits you, then I must say that it takes just a minute to uninstall.

[ Download Google Desktop ]


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