Use Inquisitor Application On iPhone To Speed-Up Searching

Yahoo’s acquired startup called as Inquisitor is basically a plug-in that works with several major browsers. Now, this browser plug-in is available as an iPhone app to allow users to search anything on the web, easily and quickly. Inquisitor also shows how some features like Yahoo’s Search Assist in fact work amazingly on iPhone with a minimum need for typing.

The moment you start typing your search criteria in Inquisitor, it suggests you with a list of keywords. As you continue typing, Inquisitor provides you with more and more suggestions and allows you to select one of them before you even finish typing the word or phrase within the search box.



Inquisitor displays the search results in the form of large, easily readable gray boxes along with favicons as well as two lines of text. Apart from this, two abbreviated news results, if available are displayed at the top which you can click to view only news results.

Inquisitor offers a toolbar which is placed on the top to enable you to navigate back. Besides, it offers an option to email links. You may also use Inquisitor Application on your iPhone through safari browser. iPhone users can easily download Inquisitor application free of charge.


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