Use Kuripo Txt For Sending Free SMS To International Mobiles

There are many websites which provide you with free SMS facility using which you can send international SMS to various mobile numbers. While these websites claim to offer free SMS facility, many of them keep a limit on number of message characters and some websites ask you to input your credit card details.

Although the limit of SMS characters in a normal international SMS is 160, most of the websites only allow a maximum limit of 80 characters in order to include some advertisements. However, Kuripo Txt is one SMS service that genuinely allows you to send international SMS free of charge.



Kuripo Txt supports most of the countries in contrast to other websites which support only a few selected countries and operators. With Kuripo Txt, you can send free messages to any international mobile operator.

Kuripo Txt comes with a clean interface which is pretty user-friendly. You need to simply input the mobile number of any person to whom you wish to send a SMS, type in the message with not more than 160 character and click on the button “Send”. The person will get the message on his/ her mobile within a short time.


  1. How to send free sms to Nepal telceom operator in Nepal?Please help me.And please include steps by step


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