Use Minimem To Optimize Memory Usage In Windows OS

Sometimes when you execute too many applications in your PC at a time can make your computer too slow or even your system will be crashed. To solve your computers performance issue, you should recognize and terminate the appropriate program which uses most of the memory. Now you could use the useful utility namely Minimem, to come up with your PC’s slowdown issue. Minimem greatly reduces the memory usage and proactively optimizes you system.

Minimem is a freeware which is mainly developed to decrease the memory usage which is caused by Firefox. However, this application is now been integrated to optimize the memory usage. So, now it could be used to any other applications. It stays in the system tray and executes silently in background.

 You could select to optimize number of processes at a time according to your own preference. In this application, you will find some useful options with which you could configure the time interval. You could select to optimize the memory regularly or provide the specific time.
After selecting the processes that have to be optimized, this app removes mostly all of the unnecessary pages and optimizes the memory at each time interval to make sure the low CPU usage. All these excluded pages would be loaded back only when they are required.

The Minimem version 1.3 (minimem1.3.msi) which is developed by contains the simple user-friendly GUI. This tool doesn’t need any particular expertise to use. It works greatly with Windows XP 32 bits SP3 and as well supports all Windows based operating systems. However the .Net Framework 2.0 has to be installed on your PC to run this application.



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