Use Mortens ShutDown To Shutdown Your Computer Automatically at Desired Date And Time

For downloading huge files or movies from Internet, you have to spend a lot of your time to complete downloading. Of course, everyone will not be in a position to just sit and wait there till the download finishes. Normally, most of us tend to keep the computer on as the downloading takes place. When the downloading finishes, they get back to PC and turn it off.

Some times, you tend leave computer ON for the whole night, whereas the actual time taken by downloading process is only 1 or 2 hours. In such situations, the tool which automatically turns off the computer after downloading can definitely help you. The pretty useful tool namely Mortens ShutDown automatically shuts down your computer exactly according to the preferred date and time, thereby taking you towards the green environment initiative.


The Mortens ShutDown tool is free to download and easy to use. It offers you with simple procedure to configure shutdown mode, and date/time which provides pretty ease to shut down computer in the desired mode and time. It includes some of the shutdown modes like reboot, shutdown, logoff the current user only, hibernate, and power off.

If your computer contains some of the applications that prevent the computer from shutting down then such an application will automatically be killed. For terminating running applications, you could select “no wait” or “wait for save”. In addition to this, you could configure this tool to prompt you with the warning message before shutting down the computer.

Use the following link to download Mortens ShutDown v1.05, and it is absolutely free.



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