Use PhotoRazor to Easily Resize Pictures in Bulk

These days, digital cameras are quite common in market with capability to capture high pixel quality photographs. These digital cameras allow users to capture higher quality photos for printing or storing. However, such high pixel count photos require high memory storage.

Sometimes it may not practical, particularly when you are going to upload these high pixel photos online, or when you are sharing your photos with friends through emails. To reduce this problem, a small but yet powerful software application comes into picture, and it is called PhotoRazor.  The primary purpose of high quality digital photo resizer is that, it enables users to reduce the size of picture along with its original quality for realistic usage.

By using PhotoRazor, users can easily convert all massive size original photos into relatively tiny copies without compromising on the quality. This will allow user to attach and sent through emails, and they can also be embedded into websites without getting any oversize caution message.


To start with, select any photos that you want to resize followed by the Quality and Size selection. You could also alter the aspect ratio if you so desire.

The major advantage is that, all the resized photos can be nicely stored back in separate folders, without disturbing original photos files. PhotoRazor is a platform independent application, and it is friendly with Windows OS like the Windows XP, 2000, 98 and even Vista.

You can download the PhotoRozor by following the link Here.


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