Use Prevent Restore To Ensure True Deletion Of Your Private Data

Whenever you delete a file or folder using SHIFT + DEL keys or by emptying the recycle bin, it does not get completely deleted from your system’s hard disk. The data still remains on your system’s hard disk until you overwrite it with some fresh data. Also these deleted file and folder can easily be recovered using data recovery software like NTFS Undelete.

Therefore you need to be very careful while deleting your private and personal data using SHIFT + DEL keys or by emptying the recycle bin as the data can be exposed to others if you happen to sell your PC some day. In order to ensure a complete and true deletion of data, you can make use Prevent Restore, a useful tool which makes your deleted data unrecoverable.

In order make your deleted data unrecoverable, Prevent Restore overwrites the free hard disk space containing bits of deleted data with other random data. This utility comes with a simple, user friendly interface. Prevent Restore can be used with hard disks as well as removable storage media like USB thumb drives, memory sticks, SD cards etc. However, it does not support optical drives like CDs/DVDs.

Prevent Restore allows you to choose from various options such as spaces, random digits, random characters or security algorithms (DoDD 5220.22 and Peter Gutmann) in order to overwrite the free space.

Sometimes, some programs tend to store unencrypted sensitive data such as bank account details and passwords in the system memory. With windows virtual memory structure, this data is likely to be saved within the paging file. Prevent Restore has ability to remove the paging file contents to ensure privacy protection.  

Prevent Restore takes care of the temporary files and cache which you have deleted and ensures that they are unrecoverable.  It also shows an option for emptying the Recycle Bin so that none of the deleted files can be restored from there. Prevent Restore may take a few hours to finish the total deleting process in case you have a huge hard disk.

Moreover, you do not need to wait for the deletion process to get over for turning off your PC as Prevent Restore does it automatically once the process is complete and also alerts you with a sound. Prevent Restore v2.16 is an amazing utility that secures your private data by preventing its recovery by another person without your knowledge.

This tiny application only consumes 1.93 MB of disk space and is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. Moreover, being a freeware all its features can be used free of charge. However, it also has some additional options which can be accessed only upon online registration.  Disk Scrubber is yet another utility that makes deleted files unrecoverable, but it is not as powerful as this one.



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