Use Primitive Duplicate Finder To Search For Duplicate Files On Your PC

Many times your hard disk gets full and you need to delete some unnecessary data from your PC in order to free up disk space. Normally in such circumstances, you look to delete large files from your PC which occupy the maximum disk space or try to find any duplicate files for performing some clean up.

You can make the time consuming task of finding duplicates files much simpler by using a powerful tool called “Primitive Duplicate Finder”. This tool has the ability to scan through selected folders and identify duplicate files within no time.

Apart from being extremely user-friendly, this tiny tool does not need any installation. You need to simply run the EXE file of Primitive Duplicate Finder on your PC, select a preferred folder that needs to be scanned and choose the search criteria. The search criteria options include finding duplicates by content, filename, size, and filename & size.



Primitive Duplicate Finder scans through the folders as well as subfolders according to the predefined criteria and displays a list of duplicate files, if found. You may scrutinize the duplicate files which are displayed and if you feel that they are no longer required, you can directly select and delete them from this tool itself.

1.11 version of Primitive Duplicate Finder tool is available for download, free of charge. This version is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003. Moreover, as this utility does not require any installation, you can easily carry it anywhere in a portable USB device.


  1. I have checked several duplicate finder programs, and the only one that works for me is easy duplicate finder ( It found the most duplicates and surprisingly, also was the easiest to use. You don’t often find a utility that is both easiest to use, and the best for the job. It has this Music tag mode that let me search my music library for songs by metatag you know that data that media players use to tell you song title and artist etc. I was surprised at how many copies of the same songs I had. In the end, I saved a ton of space, and reorganized my music.


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