Use PrintWhatYouLike To Print Web Page As You Want

It is really annoying situation when you opt for web printing and you see that the actual contents are taking up only small part of the printout and the rest is just junked with images, advertisements and etc. Not only it is wastage of ink and paper, but it never remains environmental friendly. Here to help you out this hassle, a useful utility namely PrintWhatYouLike will surely be remarkable. PrintWhatYouLike is an online editor, which is absolutely free to use. With this tool, you could easily format the web page to print only what you want to see.

You’ll not be needed to download and install PrintWhatYouLike on your system as it simply runs on your computer’s web browser. What you have to do is:

Instead, for better accessibility at any web pages and at anytime, you may add the bookmarklet of PrintWhatYouLike on the web browser. So, you could anytime visit the PrintWhatYouLike editor web page in a single click only. After completing this, you would be able to see the PrintWhatYouLike button situated on the bookmarks toolbar in the top section of your browser.


For printing the web page, you could just click once on the PrintWhatYouLike button and PrintWhatYouLike editor would be displayed in the left portion. There are so many formatting options in the editor such as resize web page content, remove ads, change font type and size, remove background and images and etc. If you want to merge the data collected from various web pages, you will also be allowed to do so.

Before printing, you could combine various web pages having different URL under a single document. In addition to this, you could convert your formatted web pages to HTML or PDF documents. These converted documents can be included as softcopy to your email and sent over to your friends. PrintWhatYouLike can be efficiently used in browsers like IE7+, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.


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