Use RAMRush To Free Up RAM And Optimize Memory

Random Access Memory (RAM) or the working memory of your computer preserves the operating system, data and applications that are currently in use to allow easy access to the PC’s processor. Data can be much easily read and written to the RAM as compared to various other storage types in a PC.

However, when you run too many processes or applications simultaneously, the RAM gets overloaded thereby affecting the performance of your PC or even causing it to crash. In order to enhance the performance of your PC’s RAM, you need to use a good memory management tool. RAMRush is one such useful utility that efficiently optimizes the memory usage in order to improve system efficiency.

RAMRush intelligently frees up your computer’s physical RAM so as to increase the availability of memory. Running RAMRush periodically saves your system from frequent crashes that occur due to memory problems. This memory management tool also removes memory leaks and defragments your system’s RAM thereby improving system performance.

After you have downloaded and installed RAMRush on your PC, it will appear in your system tray. You just need to move your mouse pointer over the tray icon and it will show RAM and CPU real-time usage, free memory space and last optimize time. You may double-click on the RAMRush icon in the system tray, click on the option “Start Optimize” or press the Ctrl+Alt+O hotkeys.

You can easily download RAMRush from Here free of cost. It works well with Windows Operating System like Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003/2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Before installing this tool you need to make sure that your PC has a disk space of at least 1MB and 5MB – 8MB of RAM.

In case you have a Windows 98 or Windows ME OS, GDIPLUS.DLL needs to be available on your PC.


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