Use RegSeeker 1.55 Freeware To Easily Clean Up Windows Registry

One of the most powerful registry cleaner tools is RegSeeker” which caries some other extra task such as displaying start up entries, installed applications, several histories along with registry cleaning.

Exploring all the registry items is such a difficult task. However, while using this freeware you can open or delete or export the result obtained in registry editor . A pretty useful tool namely RegSeeker 1.55 is registry management tool, which is especially designed for Windows OS. It checks all the regkey for any conflicts and also corrects all the incorrect values of registry key entries.

In addition to this, you can enhance your system performance by using RegSeeker’s tweaks panel. An inbuilt “file tool” feature is introduced which finds bad shortcuts, duplicate registry entries etc. It is able to clean up unused extensions, invalid entries, bad references and missing files from the registry section.

If any type of conflict arises after modifying any registry key, you can undo the process because it takes a registry key backup before modifying it. In addition to this, it is able to clear all unneeded junk files such as temporary files, cached files, old history etc which makes your Windows system run fast. For this, you have to select an “autoclean” option and all the junk files will automatically be deleted.

You can download RegSeeker 1.55 using the following link Here



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