Adding New Route To TCP/IP Routing Table By Using Remote Access Console Or From The DOS Prompt

Every windows box that is connected to a network, either it is wide area network or local area network has an IP routing table. This table contains rules that define where and how all data packets must be sent.

Generally, it is very normal process to connect your computer with the internet. However, some time the computers that are connected to complex network will require advanced network topology, and they’ll also need additional requirements of routing the paths.

In simple word Sometimes network interface routers requires more relevant information and optimization paths to connect computer to the remote servers of Internet service provider. In such circumstances, you can resolve this problem by adding manual routes in routing tables through command prompt.

How to add IP route rules in to routing tables in DOS command prompt with route command prompt-

1. Click start and open command prompt.

2. Below is the syntax of route command to add routing table:

route ADD [destination IP address or subnet] MASK [subnet mask] [gateway IP address] [metric] IF [interface] 

Every part of this syntax is not mandatory. There are also some optional parts in this syntax such as network interface and metric.

For example, the command to add route to subnet network through gateway router: route ADD MASK

To make route persistent across boots of the system, use -p flag in addition to route add command. Else, route will not be preserved once the system reboots.

For example: route –p ADD MASK

3. Press enter to start the rote command

4. Now check that your route settings are added correctly by viewing routing table

If you face any difficulties, then you must scan the route commands again. If any information is incorrectly entered, then you have to delete that route and enter the new rout commands all over again.

5. Add new rout table using routing and remote access console:

  • Go to start > Administrative tools>Routing and remote access?

  • If your computer is already configured, then you can skip to step 5 directly. However, if your computer is not configured, then you have to configure it. Right click on action menu and select configure routing and remote access.

  •  During this process you select custom configuration option to enable routing access


Following these steps you can easily configure optimized network connection. These two methods are useful to get connected with your computer.



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