Use Safehouse Explorer To Protect Your Confidential Files For External And Internal Drives

Our laptop or personal computer often contains very personal or confidential files, which we don’t want to be accessed by any unauthorized parties. To protect those confidential files and folders we use Hide Folders, My Lockbox, Free one Second Folder, and many more like that.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with those software applications, then you can try an alternative tool, which will serve your purpose completely. It is powered by SafeHouse and it is called SafeHouse Explorer. It uses TwoFish algorithm of 256 bit to encrypt, and it securely hides your confidential files and folders. It is quite efficient in protecting your files from unauthorized third parties.

To use it, you have to create a drive of specific size, and mention the location of that drive, which is called volume. Now you can make as many confidential files and folders, and store them in that drive. It in not only limited within your hard disk, you can create it in your external drives like storage cards, USB portable pen drive, and even on remote network servers.

Now when you save the files and folders in that drive, it is ensured that those secret files are protected much stronger than before.


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