Change your Vista or XP Taskbar to Windows 7 Taskbar Using SBar Taskbar Replacement

Windows 7 super taskbar has few unique features that vista or XP users would love to have. It is very systematic, attractive, and stylish, and it gives more options to add on your desktop. With SBar-Taskbar Replacement, you can easily convert your normal taskbar to windows 7 taskbar.

Once you change your taskbar to the one of Windows 7, you will be able to personalize your taskbar in different style with multiple options.

Characteristics of SBar Taskbar Replacement:

  • Windows will be opened in groups like Windows 7 taskbar. It will not open separately and occupy entire tray.
  • You will get thumbnail preview of all open windows
  • In order to jump between different options Pin feature is available
  • More tasks included in jump list
  • It supports Skype and Firefox.

To get all these feature in your taskbar just download SBar Taskbar Replacement


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