Performancing for Firefox, that’s what ScribeFire was known as earlier. It’s one of the best tool for quick bloggers, those who really do not want to open the heavy desktop blogging software.

ScribeFire is integrated with your FireFox browser (yes you need FireFox for this, and if you haven’t installed please download and install FireFox). Since it sits right inside your browser, posting to your blog becomes extremely easy.

Let’s say you find a piece of content which is worth to share, then you can just drag and drop that content, keeping the formatted text intact, from the pages you are browsing, to ScribeFire’s posting text box. Select the blog you’d want that content published in and then click on publish. You don’t even have to open your blog and the content will be published in your blog.

Use ScribeFire If You Want Speedy Blogging

In the earlier version of ScribeFire, if you happened to click on the blog name, it would open it in a new window, but its not the case anymore. Now with the latest version of ScribeFire integrated with your FireFox, clicking on the blog name will ensure that the blog opens in a New Tab as opposed to opening in a new Window.

FireFox definitely is my favorite Browser as with the right choice of tools, it makes my life much simpler.

[ Download ScribeFire ]


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