Use Vioguard Keyboard To Improve Hygiene At Workplaces

There are many companies in which each staff member is not allotted with an individual computer system, in spite of the fact that PC prizing has become very much competitive and affordable these days. There might be several reasons behind this.

The job profile of some staff members might demand only occasional use of PC and the company might not afford to give an individual workstation to such staff members. In such cases, staff members are normally seen sharing workstations.

Use of a single PC by multiple users is likely to invite health problems among them due to spread of germs. To reduce such circumstances, Vioguard has come up with a hygienic keyboard which is specifically designed to take care of user’s hygiene.

With the germicidal UV lamp featured in this super hygienic keyboard, you do not need to carry out any kind of manual disinfection. The infrared proximity sensor turns on a motorized drawer that offers you a disinfected keyboard.


Once your task with the keyboard is over, you simply need to press a button present on your keyboard drawer so that the disinfection cycle is activated after a fixed period of inactivity. The system automatically initiates the disinfection cycle. There are LED indicators which let you know when your keyboard is disinfected and ready for use again.

You may also interrupt the disinfection cycle anytime in between, if you need to use the keyboard while the disinfection process is in progress. This keyboard is more suitable for use at medical institutions. However, this device is priced at around $499 to $599, which might not sound economical to consumers.


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