Looking forward to Windows 7? Well, then you must have certainly heard of the Windows XP mode. This virtualized version of Windows XP will make sure that the Windows 7 users are able to run those programs which are incompatible with this latest version of Windows 7 . A move regarded by users as a way to sway the existing XP users towards the new OS, this mode has been primarily designed for small businesses to help run older productivity suites. Indeed the absence of this feature may have been the trigger for this key shortcoming of of Vista that arose from the serious compatibility issues with the programs designed for XP and the earlier OS. To overcome this problem Windows 7 has several tools that help in program compatibility.

Available for the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of the OS, the XP mode is not expected to come as a packaged tool with the box. In fact Microsoft has not released this mode with the bet version of Windows 7. Instead the virtualized Miicrosoft XP mode is to be made available as a free downloadle add on for the Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterpriese versions. To install the necessary applications, the XP mode can be directly used. These are then published to Windows 7 desktop, from where they can be directly run. To check the softwares, those work with Windows 7 visit the Windows & Compatibility Center.

Read this post to know the requirements to turn on xp mode in windows 7.



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