Use Web Pages Monitor To Stay Updated With Web Page Changes

Most of us want to stay updated with their favorite websites, such as online news or online stock. When the news is released, we tend to watch it immediately. Now, lots of new applications are present with which you can check the website yourself and see if the new posts. One of them is “Web Pages Monitor”.

This application helps you to monitor the web pages. It alerts you instantly when any type of alteration is made in the website. In addition to this it keeps you posted with the availability of web server.

The application Web Pages Monitor is a free application. You can set the time interval to monitor the web page. It automatically monitors the web pages in every pre-defined time interval at background. If there is any change in the website, you will be alerted by the message that appears in the task bar. This freeware application is easy to use. You can also set the checking frequency of the web pages as of minutes up to hours and days.

It is capable of checking all kinds of web pages along with the textual contents for example html, php, jsp, asp and also binary files, provided that they can be accessed through HTTPS, HTTP and FTP protocols. You can start monitoring at the start up of windows and you can also monitor infinite number of websites or web pages.


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