Use Winpatrol – A Free Application To Prevent Your PC From Unauthorized Changes

An all-purpose application named as WinPatrol is mainly created to boost your PC performance and usability of your PC. When there is any critical change in system occurs, the utility prevents these changes without your permission.

WinPatrol also acts as a robust security which avoids the installation of malware or spyware which are very dangerous for your PC. When there is a critical change takes place in the system without your permission, it takes snapshots of that critical system resource and alerts you.

Following are some of the important features of WinPatrol:

  • Detects startup programs automatically and approve or reject them
  • Automatically stops the startup programs occurring again and again
  • To quick boot, delays the startup programs
  • Searches and deletes unwanted cookies
  • If any program is not running properly, it ends the program automatically
  • Able to monitor and edit the HOSTS file types
  • Searches and removes unauthorized toolbars
  • Monitor for the windows services to either start or stop them
  • Avoids critical changes made in the file type associations
  • Discovers and modifies all the hidden registry keys
  • Able to manage ActiveX controls and their components


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