Use Wrap-Around-The-Corner Photo Frame To Display Memorable Moments

If your house has a number of unsightly corners and columns, you might be having tough time thinking about how to use the space effectively to make them look beautiful. Most of the people choose to plaster the columns using attractive wallpapers. However, you can go for a better option than plastering the corners by making use of Wrap-Around-the-Corner Photo Frame.

This photo frame not only makes the best use of space but also transforms those unsightly columns into striking corners. The Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame is creatively designed by Photojojo so that you can comfortably fix it at any of the corners in your house to display your favorite photographs. It comes with 12 frame slots of different shapes and sizes which can be used to display 12 different photographs.

The Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame consists of four frame slots having dimensions 2.5? x 3”, four frame slots with 3? x 3.5?, two frame slots with 3.5? x 4? and two with 5.5? x 7?. For inserting a photo and creating a wrapping effect, all you need to do is, splice the photograph into half and then fit it within the adjacent frame slots.

The Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame is made up of lacquered, Espresso stained hardwood. The photo frame costs $99 which sounds rather costly to most but the modern effect that it has on the house is highly mesmerizing. This photo frame would turn out to be a much desired piece of house display if it can be digitalized in future.


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