Useful Steps To Delete Or Remove Website Thumbnails From Google Speed Dial In Firefox

Speed Dial is loaded with options that permit you to customize each thumbnail according to your preferences. It also allows you to set how often the thumbnail reloads. Furthermore, Speed Dial also offers an import and export attribute which allows you to setup Speed Dial on manifold computers.

Google speed dial can be triggered on a Google toolbar installed Firefox browser. However, there are times when you might get mortified to see some illegitimate sites in that catalog if you are accessing it in front of some relatives. So it became vital to know how to remove particular thumbnails from speed dial particularly in Firefox.


Disabling Website Thumbnails from Google Toolbar

  • Open Mozilla Firefox
  • Clack on Thumbnails option and then on Edit Thumbnails link
  • Now click on X (close) icon on a website thumbnail
  • Click Done to finish the editing

By following the above steps as many thumbnails as one want can be deleted. Another option to get permanently rid of this feature is by disabling Google Speed Dial Feature in Firefox.


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