Read : User Review of the iPod Touch (overview and advantages) – Part I

While there are obvious and great advantages of the iPod Touch, there are several not-so-impressive and cumbersome features which could make the user experience quite frustrating. Here are some of the demerits of the iPod Touch that I noticed even as I got familiar with it.

Substandard resolution video: One of the biggest complaints I have about the iPod Touch is the tendency of black areas of the screen turning negative, mostly when you are watching a scene shot in low lighting or probably a horror flick. While watching movies such as The Hunt for Red October it got quite frustrating I could see the hero turn into a ghost-like form. The video looked much better on TV and the brightness was more or less set at the same level on both gadgets. This can be quite frustrating and people will easily get put off.

Absence of physical controls: Another un-understandable feature of this handheld movie viewer is the absence of the external controls. This means if you are watching a video and you want increase volume you will have to activate the screen and alter volume and resume watching. This could be a big problem and impossible to achieve if you keep the iPod in your pocket. The headphones of the Touch doesn’t have any control to move from track to track as you listen. You will have to take the Touch out and then change tracks and resume listening. This is quite irritating especially when you are doing something and want to skip tracks urgently.

Flimsy casing: Most high-technology electronic gadgets which are prone to lot of use come with a default scratch free covers. This is one of the most admired features of the iPhone. Quite surprisingly the case of Touch, though is similarly finished doesn’t feature a scratch-proof casing. Users have to be extra careful while using the iPod Touch in order to maintain them neat and clean looking.

Absence of additional features: Though the iPod Touch has the same browser as the iPhone and has Wi-Fi connectivity there is no e-mail, browsing and internet features. You can’t log on to google maps or check weather.

Lack of adequate disk space: The iPod Touch should ideally have a big hard drive, something like 160 GB, the 8 and 16 GB variants leave much to ask for. Supposing I am on a long distance flight I just can’t watch 10 movies at a stretch. The storage just doesn’t allow it. This is the problem. Yes the iPod Touch is slim and thin but I don’t mind it being a tad thicker if it is going to provide me 160 GB of memory.

Weak power backup: Most of the iPod Touch experts have complained about low batter life. The iPhone is better in this sense. The iPod Touch can play a maximum of five hours of video, but iPhone can play seven. In terms of audio iPhone can play 38 hours while the iPod Touch can perform only for 28 hours, quite discouraging on this aspect.

The judgement
We have been reading about the merits and demerits of the iPod Touch, sometimes in comparison to the iPhone sometimes alone. I have had the iPhone and iPod Touch for slightly over two months and the former continues to amaze me with all its capabilities. But I feel somewhat let down by the iPod Touch. Maybe if the iPod Touch had been released first I probably wouldn’t have been so critical.

But what I am highly apprehensive about is the poor video display of the iPod Touch. This could be a serious drawback, I wonder if it is as widespread as I think or there are only a few defective units floating in the market. I suspect it could be a production defect and Apple should replace the entire batch.
Another area Apple should try to work on is the battery life, to make it longer and more powerful.


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