Having spent a lot of time working and knowing the iPod Touch, the most modern Wi-Fi iPod with a touch screen. The supreme advantage with this gadget is the fact that you don’t have to plug it in to buy music. Designed and structured very similar to the iPhone sans the communication ability and a much greater storage capacity of 16 GB. I wouldn’t recommend this gadget for someone who already owns the iPhone.

But those who don’t own a iPhone but want this wonderful gadget to listen to music and watch movies then this is quite an irresistible piece of technology. It is better to know the iPod Touch before you decide to go ahead and spend $300-400 on one of the two variants being so persuasively marketed.

Wi-Fi iTunes Music Store. This perhaps is the most attractive feature of the iPod Touch. The feature enables you to go through the lists of music available, search online for the tune you are looking for. The search is lightening quick and results appear even as you type. Though the results thrown up by search feature is not so detailed but it shows the ratings the album has received from other users like you.

Also available is a 30-second preview of the track by just tapping on the track name. If you tap twice you will get the ‘buy now’ button. If you choose to buy then the download is seamless and fast and the new tunes are in your system when you connect to the iTunes and even DRM-free tracks can be played.

Interactivity through the screen. This is quite simple and similar to any touch screen interface. It is as good as the iPhone interface and there is a small change i.e the home button which opens out a mini-player for the tune currently playing.

Safari and additional features. Logging and moving on the information superhighway is one of the features unique to the iPod Touch and works really fantastically. You can easily add bookmarks on Safari and these will just get into the unit. You can watch movies through YouTube, schedule your appointments with calendar and contacts, there is a world clock to know the time anywhere across the globe.

Audio/Visual capabilities. Sound and video works superbly well, totally similar to the iPhone and this is one of the greatest advantages. If you are not satisfied watching video on the micro screen of the iPod you can plug it to your TV and watch your favorite video big screen.

Look and feel. One of the most impressive features of the iPod Touch is its compact size. It is only 7mm fat and just about 4.2 ounces heavy. You will not even notice you are carrying a gadget unless you are conscious. It is just music to your ears.

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