Using Free Software 1 Second Folder Encrypt To Protect Important Files

Now days, there are lots of tool to help you to protect any type of private or sensitive information or some media files from being accessed by anyone else but you. Here is a tiny tool named as “1 second Folder Encrypt” will definitely help you. A freeware will help you to lock your private folders and no one can access it without your permission.

1 Second Folder Encrypt is easy to use. When you open the software, firstly it will be prompted with a massage to enter a new password. After that, select a folder which has to be locked with the software.

Tick on the ‘Encrypt’ box subsequently entering ‘Start’ key. When you want to decrypt the folder after some time, simply do again the same steps, however this time you have to tick on the ‘Decrypt’ box.

You may notice that you can still identify the encrypted secret folders, if the name of the folder is ending with ‘.’. However, without an accurate password, no one can access folders. The initial password which has been entered at the setup is used every time when you lock the folders. This feature helps those users who have some very important documents or secret sensitive photos which should not be opened by anyone except you.

Note: – Always close the application when you complete the process. As the password is required only once when it is being opened, and if you don’t close the application any other person can easily access the data.


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