Using Gtalk Service In Firefox Sidebar

Gtalk is an online messaging service and the most popular amongst all. With the help of Google talk, you can connect and talk with your friends and buddies. You have to install the Gtalk application on your PC or you could prefer to use it via Gmail.

One of most significant part for the Firefox user is that, they can use Gtalk service from Firefox browser at the start itself. You can start Gtalk client with the help of Firefox sidebar in the Firefox browser. You can use any one of the method mentioned below to use Gtalk service in Firefox sidebars.

Method 1

  • Just add the following link to your bookmarks in Firefox browser.
  • After adding, go the Bookmarks tab and locate the added bookmark. Go to the Properties of this bookmark. In the Properties tab, simply check Load this bookmark in the sidebar option.
  • After this, go to Bookmarks tab again and click on the added bookmark.
  • Done. Now you can see the Gtalk application in Firefox sidebar.
  • Just Sign in to your Gtalk and talk with your friends with Google.

Method 2

To integrate the Gtalk service with your Firefox browser, you can use many Firefox plug-ins. Firefox allows you to use Firefox and Gtalk service simultaneously by using Firefox plug-ins.

  • Gtalk Sidebar: You can use Gtalk by using the Firefox plug-in without downloading Gtalk.
  • IGtalk: Mozilla house has introduced a very small plug-in named as IGtalk. After downloading and installing it, press Ctrl+G to open Gtalk from the Firefox browser.


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