Flash memory toolkit is a unique collection of utilities supporting USB flash devices. This kit is loaded with ultimate information on USB flash drives. It gives you most essential information on drives like its total capacity in megabytes, number of sectors and the amount of free space left. It also informs you about the source file system of your USB flash device. Further, it also gives you the information on the functional card reader of the device as well as USB port configuration.

Further flash memory tool kit thoroughly scans the utility devices in use by your system. It detects the physical reads and writes errors, if any, in your utility device. This kit is loaded with an advanced Eraser Utility. This gives you the option of recovering your erased data. You can select one among the two options provided by this feature. One is a quick erase facility. This tool allows users to recover their entire erased data quickly. Second is the full erase option. With this tool you can only recover some portions of the erased data.

Next, this tool kit features a tremendous File Recovery utility. With this feature you can easily recover all your accidentally or purposely deleted data back. This tool also allows you to reserve backup copies of all the data stored in your USB memory device. It is also inclusive of file benchmark and low-level benchmark facilities. These utilities keep a continuous check on the reading and writing speed of your USB memory device.

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